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UiiSii BA-T6 3.5mm Dual Dynamic Dri

  • 08/11/2020 8:12 pm
  • Elephant Road, Dhaka
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Product Description

Description :

UiiSii BA-T6 3.5mm Dual Dynamic Drivers Earphone

UiiSii BA-T6 3.5mm Dual Dynamic Drivers Earphone developed with an eye on sustainability & High Quality. This Earphone is featured with HI-RES Audio which provides Extremely Beautiful Sound, Ergonomic Design&Super Comfortable with Dual Dynamic Drivers of 6mm. In this Ear phone, the Hi-Res Audio is a high-quality audio product design standard defined by Sony. Uiisii BA-T6 Hi-Res earphones have 2 separate high quality dynamic drivers (per ear!) that provide a very high frequency range is 20Hz – 40,000Hz. The Higher sensitivity and wider frequency ensure a better listening experience. It is suitable for all genres of music audiophile , Pop/ Rock/ Country/ Hip-Hop/ Jazz/ Blue. It’s 120-degree wearing angle assures that the headphones will fit perfectly in your ear canals and isolate the noise. High-flexibility nipple-class silicone takes you super comfortable wearing. This Ear Phone also designed with 2 separate speakers (per ear) produce a magnificent deep bass, perfectly balanced mid tones, and crisp clear highs. In addition to listening to music, the Ear phone is also great for calling. You can simply connect the earphones with your smartphone and you will receive incoming calls on the earphones. You can easily pick up and answer the incoming call via the light control panel. In this Ear Phone, All elements in these ears are made of high-quality material. TPE cables are flexible and ensure a long durability, even after frequent use over the years. Its also built in 3.5 mm gold platinum plated connection , so there is almost no loss of quality. Compatible with the mainstream audio-visual devices. Supports computer & Laptop & Phone & Pad/Pod.

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