Shimmer and Shine FHN32 Rainbow -

Shimmer and Shine FHN32 Rainbow

  • 08/04/2021 10:43 am
  • Gulshan, Dhaka
৳ 5,980(Fixed)

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Shimmer and Shine FHN32 Rainbow Surprise Dolls

  • Going beyond the rainbow waterfall is zahramazing inspired by episodes of shimmer and shine where the genies sail into magical rainbow zahramay, this beautiful doll recreates shimmer’s magical transformation when little genies twist shimmer’s hairband, her skirt twirls around to reveal a beautiful rainbow gown.
  • When shimmer transforms into her new look, a special song will play and the gem in her headpiece will light up and flash to the music kids can press shimmer’s jewel for more music and sounds shimmer’s beautiful rainbow-colored hair can be styled with the included comb.
  • Kids can recreate the episodes where shimmer and shine go beyond the rainbow waterfall into magical rainbow zahramay, twist shimmer’s hair band to see her skirt twirl and transform into a rainbow-colored gown.
  • Category : Children's Items