Asus Prime H470-Plus Intel 10th Gen -

Asus Prime H470-Plus Intel 10th Gen

  • 15/11/2020 11:31 am
  • Elephant Road, Dhaka
৳ 12,800(Fixed)

Product Description

  • Model: Asus Prime H470-plus
  • Supports Intel 10th Gen Processors
  • Ultrafast Connectivity
  • Comprehensive Cooling
  • Enhanced Power Solution

Description :

Asus Prime H470-plus Intel 10th Gen Atx Motherboard

Asus Prime Series is Expertly Engineered to Unleash the Full Potential of 10th Gen Intel Core Processors. Boasting a Robust Power Design, Comprehensive Cooling Solutions and Intelligent Tuning Options, Prime H470 Series Motherboards Provide Daily Users and Diy Pc Builders a Range of Performance Tuning Options via Included Software and Hardware. Comprehensive Controls Form the Foundation of the Asus Prime Series. The Prime H470 Motherboard Packs Flexible Tools to Tune Every Aspect of Your System, Enabling You to Tweak Performance Settings to Perfectly Match the Way You Work – Maximizing Your Productivity. Prime H470 Series is Engineered With Multiple Onboard Heatsinks and an Array of Hybrid Fan Headers to Ensure Your Rig Stays Cool and Stable Under Intense Workloads. The Vrm Heatsink With Underneath Thermal Pad Improves Heat Transfer From the Mosfets for Better Cooling Performance. An M.2 Drive Sits Under a Passive Heatsink to Ward Off the Throttling That Can Occur With Sustained Transfers. Removable Captive Screws Reduce Risk of Drops or Loss During Heatsink Removal. Prime H470 Series is Built to Handle the Additional Cores and Increased Bandwidth of 10th Generation Intel Core Processors. An H470 Motherboard Provides All the Fundamentals to Boost Daily Productivity, So Your System Will Be Ready for Action With Stable Power, Intuitive Cooling, and Flexible Transfer Options. Stable Power is Essential to Extract Every Last Bit of Performance Out of 10th Generation Intel Core Processors, Prime H470 is Geared to Cater to the Demands of These High-core Count Cpus. A Vrm With 6+1+1 Power Stages Delivers the Power and Efficiency That the Latest Intel Processors Demand. Prime H470 Series Adds the Nuanced Details That Improve Every Experience, From Exclusive Codecs That Provide Pristine Audio Quality to Intuitive Rgb Lighting Controls That Let You Customize Your System to Create a Uniquely Personal Look. Intelligent Design and Premium Hardware Create Audio Quality Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced. Separates Analog/digital Signal Domains, Significantly Reducing Multi-lateral Interference. Ensures Minimal Crosstalk Between Audio Paths. Premium Parts Provide an Immersive Sound Signature, With Exceptional Fidelity.

  • Category : Laptop Accessories
  • Accessory Type : Motherboard
  • Condition : New